Slow Computer?

Did you know that viruses are one of the leading causes for a slow running system? Let (Re)Solutions diagnose and (Re)Fresh your slow running computer. We'll (Re)move all viruses, malware and implement current updates to have your system operating properly.

Backup Special!

Your entire life is on your computer so why risk losing it all when you can protect it? Our professional solution will securely backup your important files over the Internet on a regular basis, protecting from loss, theft, viruses, natural disasters, and accidental deletion. We give you everything you need to keep your data safe and secure. The best part is if your computer drive fails we will (Re)store your data at no additional cost.

Too Little Time?

Let us save you a trip and (Re)trieve your computer from your home or business at your convenience. We will then take it to our shop to carry out the needed services. Once we are done we can also (Re)turn it to you. See Services for pricing.
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