Malware is a general term used to describe  software designed to infect your computer. Current anti-virus software can usually handle the threats. Although sometimes an unknown one  gets through. These could enter your PC from the sites you visit with hidden scripts, through email attachments, or images you open, and some downloadable files .  A recent version, usually disguised as a legitimate anti-virus or anti-malware software, holds your PC hostage for ransom.  It gets installed on your machine with or without your knowledge and won’t let you do anything on your machine unless you pay them a fee. These infections seem impossible at times to remove.

Let (Re)solutions get your PC back to normal with the (Re)moval of all malware, adware, spyware.

Common symptoms include:

  • Extremely slow computer
  • Unfamiliar error messages
  • Browser crashes
  • Home page changes
  • Browser Toolbars
  • Poor system performance
  • Internet connection stops
  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Applications do not open
  • New desktop icons

Service Includes:

  • Hard Drive Diagnostics Test
  • Disk Clean Up
  • Complete Virus Removal
  • Complete Spyware Removal
  • Complete Malware Removal
  • Complete Adware Removal
  • Check Disk Performed
  • Hard Drive Free Space Checked
  • Memory Usage Checked
  • System Services Optimized
  • CPU Temperature Checked
  • Hard Drive Optimization