Just like your car needs an oil change to run well, your Computer will benefit from a tune-up as well.   Maximize your machines ability to perform.  Let us tidy up your files, hard drive, or  upgrade your memory!  It’s like Spring Cleaning for your Computer.   Call Us today and let us (Re)fresh your system.

Service Includes:

  • Install Latest Windows Service Pack
  • Install Latest Windows Updates
  • Update Anti-Virus Software
  • Update Drivers to include: Graphics, Audio, Chipset, Other
  • Scan & Repair for hard drive errors
  • Scan & Repair for registry errors
  • Defragment Hard Drive
  • Delete Unwanted Programs & Applications
  • Delete Temporary System & Application Files
  • Delete Browsing History & Cookies
  • Remove unwanted startup programs
  • Remove unwanted toolbars from web browsers
  • Disable unwanted system services
  • Update vulnerable software: Adobe Air, Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Silverlight, Oracle Java.